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regarding DNA as a wormhole

You perceive that you are living in the third dimension yet you are actually living in the fourth - a dimension composed of length, breadth, depth and time. The fifth dimension you are evolving into will include length, breadth, depth, time and conscious awareness for all earthly beings. It means an awareness of your Divinity and the creative power that is inherent in your mind - Divine thought.

Mankind is presently expanding its self-conception to include its Divinity allowing for new and greater experiences in all realms - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As the new consciousness continues to grow and man aligns more and more with the Cosmic Consciousness which it is, the Light which is contained in the DNA structure will continue to increase and the physical body will enjoy its Divine heritage. This action will, and is, changing your gene structure. Your genes rely on the DNA to provide certain blueprint functions for each gene. As the etheric DNA begins connecting into the twelve strands that were originally yours, the genes, too, change. For example, look at the difference in the new children who are coming into the planet. Their DNA structure is more expansive and they respond to this plane differently.

DNA re-awakening is a subtle dimensional process in which the two strands of DNA regularly perceived in the human being energetically reconnect with the twelve strands that were his or her original blueprint. This reconnection affects all four bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual including the genes. It is a process which is done on an etheric level accompanied by the individual's guides and in accordance with the soul plan. This access results in increased physical abilities as well as further development of the sixth senses. The being also experiences the removal of guilt, fear, blame and doubt. The endocrine system comes into more perfect balance and the being finds greater alignment with his or her Divine Soul fabric and Divine blueprint.


The Source of Your Yearning is In Your DNA          

Deep within the heart of every person alive is a feeling that we often call yearning. In the New Oxford American dictionary, yearning is defined as “having an intense feeling of loss or lack and longing for something”. It is derived from a Germanic base meaning “eager”. 

So what are we feeling a lack of? For what is our longing? What is our eagerness about?

Our minds work and have interplay within a field that is called the Quantum Hologram by quantum physics. According to this science, the basis of subjective experience is rooted in the concept of non-locality. Evidence for mankind’s perceiving non-local information dates to prehistory (Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., Institute of Noetic Sciences, in his paper “Nature’s Mind: the Quantum Hologram”). Within this quantum hologram is encoded the complete history of every event.

Since the brain looks for that which is familiar and compares it to other experiences based upon memory, the yearning that we are feeling must come from something that we already know. If this were not true, there would be no yearning because our yearning is a feeling. We do not experience feelings about that which we do not know.

Let us look at how this translates to our physical bodies, perceptions of our world and what we loosely all our “reality”. Our body is a protein making machine. The word protein is derived from the Greek “proteios” meaning primary. Proteins (our primaries) are made of amino acids. The shape of the protein is derived from a positive or negative signal produced by our environment. The cells read the environment selecting the behavior (movement) that is appropriate based upon the information found there. The sequence of the DNA within the cell is the amino acid sequence. The stability of the interaction resides within the DNA rather than the changeable protein.

In the last few years, two Russians, Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, have written about the research and the scientific experiments confirming the fact that the human DNA is a biological Internet. They published their findings in a German-languaged book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence). Fosar and Bludorf’s book illustrates that DNA can be influenced and programmed by words and frequencies. It explores the 90% of our DNA that is not understood and is commonly called “junk DNA”. Junk DNA, drastically misnamed, could more easily be called “non-coding DNA” or “potential DNA”. The focus of the study resulted in the conclusion that our DNA, while responsible for the construction of the physical body, is also a data storage and communication device. In particular, the 90% non-coding DNA follows the rules of syntax, semantics and the basic grammar rules with which we are familiar.

Quoting from Vernetzte Intelligenz: “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic-holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation”. What does this mean? Breaking this concept down to its most elementary concepts and based upon the laser ray experiments, it means that laser radiation is inherent within DNA itself flowing as a unique holographic wave. Since the DNA contains within this wave the basic rules of language that are used in daily life, no DNA decoding is necessary. Simple words and sentences of any human language suffice in creating the environment that is the wavelike, holographic experience of the DNA thereby encoding it with the information that the cell receptors respond to and creating changes within the amino acid chains and hence the proteins. Through our thoughts, words and feelings we create not only our perceptions, also our bodies, our health. How does this correspond to our yearning?


How does this fulfill the expression of the lack or desire for that which we yearn?  Is it part of our genealogy?

Since mankind appears to be on the fast track to accelerated conscious awareness, the frequency of the vibration of that DNA wave must also be accelerating (“As above, so below”). As the frequency (that is the oscillation) of the holographic mind (in non-locality) increases, we find our languaging changing thus influencing the effect we have on our DNA itself.

The frequency of our thought patterns, our words and our feelings must be coherent (troughs and crests equal in amplitude) to access the acceleration physically. This explains why some of us are experiencing the shift in our DNA and some have not yet done so. Coherent frequencies allow us to consciously communicate with our DNA and create the space in time for the DNA to embody these frequencies opening the door to expeditious reception of multi-dimensional information. How is this possible?

Fosar and Bludorf also write that our DNA can create patterns of disturbance within our time/space continuum (our holographic vacuum) producing magnetized wormholes. Though most audiences are familiar with wormholes through science fiction works such as Star Trek, they are actually tunnel-like connections between different universal areas transmitting information outside of space and time. Imagine an hourglass with one round globe situated in one universe and the other globe situated in another (the second globe’s frequency being compatible with receptivity within this dimension). The two globes of the hourglass are connected by a thin tunnel through which information travels from one dimension to another not reliant upon space or time.

The emotions that we experience that create the feelings we have and manifest the thoughts created within our minds generate a frequency within our DNA that attracts information from these other dimensions (through the “wormhole”) and passes it to our consciousness. Again, this ability is based upon the proper frequency within our bodies which is most easily created through states of relaxation, peace and ease. Stress, worry and similar states of being create incoherent waves resulting in confusion that prevent a state of hyper-communication as well as affecting our health.

Based upon these scientific findings and the reams of additional information now readily available to us, it is apparent that the conscious awakening of the holographic awareness now being experienced by man (homo sapien sapien) is being promulgated by the strong yearning (creating the feeling/thought) to become consciously aware of that which we believe we lack or have lost – our conscious awareness of our Oneness with All That Is. I use the term “All That Is” to define much more than that which may be thought of as “God” or “Source”. I truly mean ALL THAT IS. When our perspective of reality is that of the holographic connection to the multi-dimensions and beyond, we will begin to experience an awareness that is outside of manifestation in any form and expression. Every coincidence will become a co – incident (experiencing together). Intimacy will become in-to-me-see and all of the other play with words and language that allows us to see each other. At that moment, the yearning in the DNA will cease and the YOU-ning that IS the Oneness will be the only experience.

Practices that allow for the interpretation of day-to-day expression as one of union, joy, appreciation, love and gratitude bring about this coherent waveform within the bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical). This brings a sense of peace and greater health no matter what one's genealogy.  Focusing upon and deriving pleasure from these practices creates the non-local paradigm within which we are invited to function. When truly living within this new framework of perception, our attention upon our intention of Oneness is our only focus. We can then experience our yearning as fulfillment without lack or loss. We then acknowledge that our yearning has awakened within us the knowledge that we are truly home.  

DNA Re-Awakening CD

DNA Re-Awakening contains the activation ritual that is contained in The Call - Awakening The Angelic Human by Toni Sar'h Petrinovich. It activates the 12-strand DNA in 12 levels of manifestation, creatinng a 144-strand DNA structure in the etheric bodies of humanity.

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