The Angelic Humans
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Angelic Human Described

Since the publication of my book, The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human, many people have asked me to define what an Angelic Human actually is and to describe how to know if, indeed, they fit the description.  Is it to be an angel?  Is it love?

Perhaps it is easier to explain what a messenger is since the word "angel" actually means messenger. Merriam Webster's Dictionary tells us that messenger means: one who hears a message or does an errand. Defining an Angelic Human then would be a human who hears a message or does an errand.  This errand is conducted in love.

This definition is inclusive of the human race. All people hear messages and all people do errands - no matter the country, the environment or the circumstances of the particular lifestyle.  Whether they hear them with love is always the question.

How does an Angelic Human then differ from a human being going to the grocery store or hunting a wild boar or gathering corn in the field? How does one know if the message being heard or the errand being done deserves the capitalization of the name?  What tool or tools does a human in angel form have that allows for the expression of Divine love while in a physical body?

The answers to these questions lie within the heart of each being on planet earth. It is the heart that hears the message, sends the information to the brain/mind and awaits the carrying out of the particular errand that each person may be guided to complete with love. The "gotcha" involved within the transmission of the information from the heart to the brain lies in the mind's conditioned response to the message heard. Due to the programming included within each life, no matter the environment, the heart is most often overridden by the mind through the brain out of fear, doubt or distrust that the message is laudable, practical or purposeful.  Fear is a tool of the programmed mind and brain.

It is the Angelic Human who hears the message and acts. It is the Angelic Human who listens to the heart, hears the message that is to be given or acted upon and, (this is the important part) does not allow the egoic personality to override the sacredness of the gift that is being asked of him or her through love. Though the ego gets a "bum rap" by most of mainstream consciousness, it usually does not deserve to be subjugated. The ego can be used as a tool.  Rather, when in a relaxed mind, an open ego sits ready to accept the invitation of the heart to blend with the consciousness of the Essential Self (sometimes called falling in love with the Beloved) and thereby becomes an actual part of the message, the errand, the gift. Thus is the personality and the Divine Self blended into one - the Angelic Human - a human angel.
The call to awaken lies dormant within the DNA of each being on earth. It takes only the subtle shifting of energies and the surrender to the movement of love within to align with that call. It is an offering of great magnitude; it is that for which each of us came. Heed the call. Be alert to the message. Complete the errand. In that completion lies the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Angel Fire Transmission

I welcome you each and all to this invigorating exchange. It is a reward from the angelic realm ~ a place where beings live knowing only the blending of the One Will with their action. It is our gift now. Our realm and the angelic realm are merging and you are being summoned, if you hear or feel the Call, to blend your energies with the service of this benevolent dimension.

Angel Fire Transmission
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