Angelic Human Readings concentrate on the utmost capacities you carry encoded within your cellular DNA awakening the message you bring to the earth during this incarnation. It is a limitless, expansive and expanding transmission of information opening a multi-dimensional portal. Only you can decide if you are ready to receive the depth of this transmission. Hearing the words describing your original intention within Source Consciousness impacts the illusion of dimensions by revealing you within the Consciousness of the Ineffable.

Viewing your soul record (personal Akashic Field) allows a greater understanding of the interactions within your life and an opportunity for increased expansion and awareness of yourself as I AM. From this vantage point, we are able to focus your attention upon your message to more aptly express that which you initially appointed as the commission of this lifetime. You are divine. You are God. You are I AM.

All messages are recorded in the quiet and solitude of my office. We do not need to be together physically or on the telephone. We are One. I email it directly to you through Filemail, which will send you a download link to access and save your reading. Please
email me your birth date and the reason you want an Angelic Human Reading.

Payment may be made through Paypal or email me your phone number and I will call for your credit card number. Usual schedule for booking a reading is one week to two months.

1/2 hour reading - $75 - Order HERE

Angelic Human Readings

Angelic Humans Bring Their Message

Art by Pamela Cail