Angelic Humans Bring Their Message

In this framework, then, certain human beings have agreed with selected angels to share soul essence while the human is on earth.  This allows the angel to record in its own soul fabric earthly illusion of reality as experienced by the human and usually creates within the physical being a more altruistic desire regarding his or her life's intention.  That is not to say that this human appears as a deeply spiritual being or even wishes to live life in that manner.  It only means that there is a certain drive from within to do things a bit differently than usual and to have more distinct experiences.  Some of these experiences may be outside the purview of the politically correct mass mind and often are  so.  Yet, it is only through this consideration of rebellion that the angel and the human will coordinate the knowledge and skill desired to be registered in each soul.

Since an Angelic Human's continual process is only concerned with becoming the total expression of the original design, its consciousness begins to accept more easily the personal reality that each individuation is the evolution of Divine Intelligence into the complete manifestation of Itself.  Thus, the Original Blueprint includes the evolution of Divine Source as conceptualized by the Originating Point for which there is no name.  Within this developing infrastructure is the key to the desire of realms within which to share experiences and forms eventually emerging into a more complete union within the Hologram that contains the Macrocosm.  It is the Genesis of the bible.

There is a distinction and a similarity within the Angelic Human and the individuated soul sharing its design with the angelic realm.  They can be mutually exclusive and they can be partners.  A being can express as an Angelic Human and not be sharing his or her soul with the angels or the fabric may be shared completely without the physical being activating his or her Angelic Human coding.  A person can also be both.  It makes little difference how the configuration presents itself.  The perfect love within shines as the Light of Peace, a candle that never dims.

Allow your understanding to step outside the bounds of common, ordinary illusion to understand this revolutionary prospect.  Request of yourself the permission that creates multidimensional awareness.  There are no limitations within which these manifestations reside.  The soul may be shared wholly, in large part or only a fraction.  I have seen variations of this theme that surprise me constantly.  Remain open to what the next evidence may bring.  You, too, will all ways and always be surprised.

Aspects of the Design

Many people spend much time conversing with the angelic realm.  Though there are many lovely and light-filled pictures that are painted by the descriptions in the bible most people  know that angels really do not need wings and that they usually do not wear flowing white garments.  Yet, in the human's desire to depict the essence of purity able to appear instantly, it has used its physical perception to create a visual depiction of a flying being dressed in spotless white.  At the same time, those who daily converse with the angels know that the angelic realm is very real.  Within this region, the nature of existence is obedience to love.  This love brings Divine Light that is brighter than any candle.

Angels, unlike humans, are not in a position to view life through the filter of duality and contrast which forces moment to moment decisions.  The angels have a different way of seeing ordinary situations.  They teach humanity how to use spiritual senses to see, hear, feel and know the real world that transcends the illusory world's problems.  All bible stories that tell of angels appearing to a person talk about keeping one's eyes fastened on heaven rather than being lost in the earthly plane.  Angels view everything with love and compassion and have different priorities.  No problem is too small or difficult for the angelic kingdom.  Unlike humans, angels do not depend on free will to make decisions. The angelic realm is guided and governed by adherence to the principle of compassionate love.  All angelic action and advice is directed by this love.

The word "angel" actually means messenger.  These envoys salute humanity by contributing their Source-directed perceptions to a field of physicality and separation.  When called upon by a human, the angel knows immediately what action or word is for the highest benefit of the individual requesting its presence.  Collaborating with the human race in this way allows both forms to acquire an ever-infinite ability to grow and transform.

At this time of the earth's great transmutation, many of the angels who work with the earth's plane have requested and been granted the opportunity to share soul fabric with certain human beings out of love.  This sharing is in full agreement with the soul design of both the human and angelic planes and is in response to humanity's silent request for additional assistance during this time.  Just as many people want to lend a helping hand when there is an exciting situation occurring, so all subtle planes also wish to do all that is possible to help the Grand Experience of earth unfold in its perfection.  Focusing the attention of the angelic realm in this direction allows accelerated impetus to be accorded the cognizant form known as the human and directs increased, purified energy to fill the planet.