Two days - $200

Five days - $400

Retreat fees:

Seven days - $500

Comments from participants:

"Now I feel centered, grounded and present as the divine."

"I didn't know I could see myself this way."

"I can't help crying. The relief that I don't have to do anything to know my Self is so enormous."

Would you like a weekend, a week or longer in the comfort of your own home letting go of the outside world and nurturing your Angelic Human Message in your own personal retreat? My Virtual Retreats are custom designed for you. It is an opportunity to focus on your divine essence and your message without interruption. Email me at for a telephone, Skype or Facetime conversation about how you would like to create time away from the busy world without leaving your home. It's time to give yourself privacy to immerse yourself in personal, spiritual reflection each day.

Each retreat includes:

Written material specifically designed to reflect your divine message

Spiritual questions

Reflections as you open to the awareness of your message

Guided meditations

Two daily conversations with me about your spiritual meditations

Angelic Humans Bring Their Message